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Workplace and

Occupational Trauma

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KRTS are passionate about bringing effective solutions to organisations and individuals affected by psychological trauma at work. Our licensed providers of the KRTS Power to Recover® training courses and the KRTS Power to Recover® online trauma support programme help us to reach them wherever and whenever they need us.


Have you got the vision, experience and drive to join us? If you believe you have then we would love to talk to you.

5 easy steps to becoming a licensee

  • phone-call

    Step 1

    Please contact us initially for an informal discussion and an assessment of the
    suitability of your organisation. We look for ethical providers with a proven track
    record in the areas of mental health and wellbeing.

  • consideration

    Step 2

    Consider whether your organisation is interested in becoming a licensed provider of
    our training courses and / or developing a team of specialist trauma coaches to
    deliver the online programme.

  • agreeing

    Step 3

    Next are the practicalities of agreeing licenses and the all-important underpinning
    processes that ensure a quality, effective service is delivered.

  • training

    Step 4

    Now we can get on with training your trainers and / or coaching team to ensure they
    have the skills, aptitudes and attitudes required to be part of the KRTS Power to
    Recover® team.

  • implementation

    Step 5

    The final step is implementation – with our full support to enable you to confidently
    provide the services and enjoy the difference you will be making to peoples' lives.
    You will now be up and running as a KRTS Power to Recover™ licensed provider.


The benefits of becoming a licensed provider

As a licensed provider your organisation will:

Be able to deliver a reputable, established and successful trauma management system backed by the extensive experience of the developers.

Have access to our fully developed business concept with consistent and comprehensive processes for delivery.

Have the opportunity to fill a growing need, nationally and potentially internationally, for effective trauma support.

Be recognised as a trusted provider thanks to the KRTS Power to Recover™ brand.

Ongoing support provided by KRTS International

You’ll be joining a team who are all driven by a vision to be the best.


We believe in building valued relationships with our licensees and providing:

Continued product and service development through our research and data collection

Regular meetings with trauma coaches and trainers to keep skills fresh

Access to the experience and support of our clinical team

International promotion and PR to build brand awareness and drive business to our providers

IT support for the online programme

Quality control of systems

A supportive, collaborative and respectful environment

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