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Case Studies


Building an in-house crisis response team in the National Health Service

As an NHS Acute Hospital Trust, we had a specific need to support the wellbeing of our staff after traumatic events.



The challenge was to train members for a national team that would be responding to a variety of traumatic events.


Strategic Trauma Consultancy

We were recommended to KRTS International as we wanted to look at formalising our policies and procedures to enable us to…


Act of terror

Regardless of the perpetrators’ motivations, for an organisation that is directly impacted, the result of a terror act is the same


Community disaster

Some events affect a whole community – natural disasters such as extreme weather, wildfire and flood, or man-made disasters such as explosion, chemical leaks or…


Personal crisis

Whilst it’s true that some organisations inevitably face a higher exposure to violence and trauma, none can rule out events that impact on employees such as…


Workplace violence and trauma

When you think about workplace violence and trauma, you may consider industries such as the emergency services, armed forces, security, oil and gas, and…