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Community disaster

Some events affect a whole community – natural disasters such as extreme weather, wildfire and flood, or man-made disasters such as explosion, chemical leaks or aviation crashes to name but a few.

In these cases, community mental health resources are not only potentially overwhelmed, but the helping professionals may be affected personally too. Having early access to education that empowers people in this time of chaos and that is tailored to the varied reactions they may experience is crucial.

KRTS Power to Respond® can reach many people quickly and effectively and provide a whole community with the crisis mental health tools they need to support themselves and each other. It takes into account the changing emotional landscape as people come to terms with the changes in their social structure and strive to rebuild their lives.

There will come times in our life that reality takes a strong hold.  Times that will challenge our hourly, daily, and weekly needs. The app that KRTS has developed is not just a tool, it’s a must have for everyone to use as a check list to ensure stability dealing with mental health care.

Matt Deighton
2007 EF5 tornado survivor, Greensburg, Kansas.