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Personal crisis

Whilst it’s true that some organisations inevitably face a higher exposure to violence and trauma, none can rule out events that impact on employees such as the sudden death or suicide of a member of staff, accidents, aggression, harassment and bullying.

A personal crisis can hit a member of staff at any time leaving them anxious, angry, helpless and unable to function as usual. They often feel isolated from others at this time and worry that they are not their “normal” self. The people around them often worry about what the right thing to do is and some feel safer doing nothing at all for fear of getting it wrong.

In the UK, on average 12.5 million days are lost each year due to work related stress, depression and anxiety. Across Europe, 79% of managers are concerned about mental health issues in work but only 30% have procedures in place to deal with them.

Counselling and therapy are not the answer for everyone. It’s the equivalent of sending every physical injury to the hospital. Best practice suggests a needs-based continuum of care and 3 key principles are early intervention, social support and psychological education.

KRTS Power to Respond® was developed with these principles in mind and can be deployed quickly to provide psychological education and strengthen support from those around the person affected.

Following a burglary in my home, I found myself getting really angry at the slightest thing, and constantly on high alert, feeling anxious and suspicious around everyone. I was really overwhelmed and found it difficult to make every day decisions which made me feel even worse! After a few days my employer gave me access to the KRTS Power to Respond App. It really helped me to realise that I was completely normal because it made sense of my reactions and gave me some simple tools to deal with the emotions I was feeling. Thank you so much.

Chantelle, UK

I like to think of myself as a people person and a manager who has a good relationship with my team. When one of them was involved in an assault whilst out on a home visit, I wanted to do my best to support them. I watched the videos on the App and firstly was shocked that one of my “go-to strategies” wasn’t necessarily a good one! To be fair, it helped me to understand why and it did make sense. But then the App set me on the right track and taught me the things that I could do that would be helpful. It’s been a real eye-opener. A bit like going on a training course to support staff but in little bite-sized pieces when I needed it. I would definitely recommend it and definitely check in with it next time something happens in my team.

Social Care manager, UK