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KRTS vision

strategic trauma consultancy

KRTS International’s workplace trauma solutions help any organisation, large or small, to strategically prepare for and respond to workplace trauma.


Many organisations feel out of their depth when it comes to managing psychological trauma. It is a highly specialised area but this doesn’t mean that people should feel confused about what to do or why they should take an action. Our guiding principle is to demystify, simplify and appropriately educate, developing a collaborative partnership with our customers and assisting them in crucial policy making decisions.

Organisations may be faced with the need to proactively plan their response mechanisms for potential situations, the need to train managers and other employees or the need to facilitate the psychological recovery of their employees, ensuring they return to work in a safe, effective way.


KRTS International offers solutions in each of these 3 key areas of need.


Knowledge is power. This principle of empowerment is fundamental to our work. As industry experts, our in-depth knowledge and understanding of psychological trauma combined with our pragmatic, practical approach, means we are able to create and provide cost effective solutions to meet the human, legal and practical implications of workplace trauma.


Our Story

The Directors of KRTS International developed their services based on their many years’ experience of working with clients and high risk companies. It was a long road of research and testing to create an effective system of both proactive and reactive trauma support that was effective and accessible.


In our years of practice and delivering services and consultancy, we became aware of various issues that were consistently being raised by both employers and individuals:”

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There was a stigma around accessing therapy that meant many people would not access support

A lack of qualified trauma therapists meant people were waiting a long time to access support

Employees could be off work on sickness absence for several weeks before receiving support

Individuals were in counselling for a long time, with the organisation not being aware of what was going on

Managers were feeling disempowered and frustrated

There was massive inconsistency in the general standard of interventions

When individuals did receive support they were not receiving vital Psycho-education

If Psycho-education was provided the standard varied dramatically

There were inconsistent guidelines for employers on what to do and when.

Our Goal

Our goal was to create an empowering approach that solved the problems for the individual and the organisation.

We wanted to ensure that the right intervention was provided for the right person at the right time, by the appropriate individual, allowing the company to target their resources effectively.

The results included the KRTS International pre-incident training courses and the e-health programme with specialist coaching support.”

“We are really proud to be making a difference and filling a much needed gap.”