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Back to the office anxiety after Covid-19?

Back to the office anxiety after Covid-19?

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As lockdown is starting to ease, back-to-the office anxiety is starting to make its presence felt.

The impact on mental health caused by Covid-19 has been immense. Upheaval, uncertainty, loss and change have almost become a way of life. As human beings, we react to crises in phases. Ultimately have to adapt to our new and changed world.

At KRTS International, we’ve continued to develop innovative and effective ways to support people in crisis and trauma. This included supporting an entire hospital working at the sharpest end of the pandemic and teaching managers how to support their remote-working teams.

Despite the diverse challenges, working away from the office has become the new normal for many. Businesses can now face resistance to return to old ways of working.

In an Envoy survey published in March 2021, 66% of respondents expressed concerns about their health and safety should they return to their workplace.

Trauma psychotherapist Dr Liz Royle and Crisis Management Director at YUDU Jim Preen discussed the anxiety relating to a return to the workplace.

  • Why have many people lost confidence whilst working from home?
  • What are some of the factors that are driving “return to the office anxiety”?
  • Is there anything employers can do to overcome this anxiety?

Read the complete article at https://www.thebci.org/news/dreading-going-back-to-the-office-you-are-not-alone.html

As Jim writes, “the changes to our work life that we’ve seen over the last year are unlikely to disappear quickly, if ever. This is the social form of long Covid that will have repercussions to the way we live and work for many years to come.”

Whether the new model is working from home, returning to the office or a hybrid mix, people remain an organisation’s biggest asset. Supporting them through the next phase of change is therefore in everyone’s interest!


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