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Leading the way in workplace trauma

Leading the way in workplace trauma

Our guest writer on this blog is David Price, CEO from Health Assured. Health Assured was voted best workplace wellbeing provider for the past 3 years running in the Health, Insurance and Protection Awards. They were also the very first of our trusted licensed providers for KRTS Power to Recover® and we’ve been collaborating with them since 2015.

David writes:

“Preventing trauma at work is an essential part of your daily business operations. But despite your best efforts, it’s not always possible to stop an incident from happening.  Serious incidents can happen in any working environment, so it’s important to have access to professional help when it’s needed.

You should prepare for every eventuality and train your employees, as well as maintain risk assessments for potential issues around your workplace. Preparation and prevention are key.

Your employees having access to a 24 hour employee support helpline may help to ease some of the arising issues before they escalate. So let’s examine how you can lead the way with additional support.

Understanding the basics of workplace trauma

What is a traumatic event? These can include:

  • Events such as grief, death, suicide
  • Serious accidents and/or injury
  • Workplace bullying, harassment, malicious behaviour, or a toxic work environment
  • Violence, assaults, robberies and threat
  • External threats such as evacuation, lock-down, fire, flood or even terror attacks

With the above always a possibility, you should have a strategy in place to assist in the event of a serious accident or other issue. The simple truth is that many people find it hard to access support or engage with talking therapies. Stigma, accessibility due to shifts/caring responsibilities etc and a desire to do it on one’s own can all be barriers to taking the support on offer.

Digital support for trauma

We are delighted to be able to remove these barriers by offering an additional option to those who want or need something different. Through our specialised team at Health Assured, you can now go an extra step by providing access to KRTS Power to Recover. With the right support, you can offer employees facing trauma the “power to recover”.

This trauma programme is available in the form of an online WebApp, enabling immediate and on-the-go access to support when it’s needed. People aren’t isolated and unsupported though. A trained clinical coach from our team will guide them through the psychological recovery.

KRTS Power to Recover is an industry-leading tool to help your business support your workforce in the aftermath of a trauma.

  • Online modules provide the vital psychological education – a big factor in recovery
  • Employee-focussed activities empower them to overcome the issue that’s occurred
  • Telephone support complements the programme as and when required
  • It helps promote new strategies for future use

This is a proven approach that guarantees excellent results based on independent research.

It decreases trauma symptoms. 84% of users experienced over 75% reduction in symptoms. Additional benefits include the removal of waiting lists, which ensures treatment isn’t delayed.

Each patient experiences the equivalent of 12 hours of expert, specialist treatment to ensure they’re able to recover and return to work sooner.

The benefits for your business?

  • Fast and accessible deployment.
  • 24/7 access to the service.
  • Covers large-scale crises or personal employee issues.
  • Deals with the immediate needs of your employees.

At Health Assured, we are always striving to be the best at what we do and with KRTS Power to Recover® we really are leading the way in trauma support together.

David Price CEO, Health Assured

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