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Lone Worker Wellbeing

Lone Worker Wellbeing


Many people became remote workers during Covid lockdowns and many remain working from home. Supporting lone worker wellbeing has therefore become an issue for a more diverse group of industries.

The Lone Worker Safety Live Conference on 12th October 2021 is the only event in the UK that focuses on the safety, security and wellbeing of Lone Workers.

Featuring inspirational, engaging and educational sessions and workshops, it’s an essential event for those who work in Health, Security, Housing, Retail, Transport, Agriculture or one of the many other sectors where lone working is common practice.

The team from KRTS International will be there on the day so come along and say hello!

In the meantime, Dr Liz Royle talked to event coordinator Louise Charles about the issue of supporting mental health and how and why we often avoid the subject.


When we are trying to improve mental health across an organisation, whether it’s general wellbeing or responding to violence, accidents or other trauma, we have to start with a clearer understanding of the natural avoidance defences our brains have. This allows us to educate at a deeper level creating more lasting change

Crisis mental health work has always required flexibility and innovation but it’s not enough to provide an effective solution – the hard part is engaging people in using it and that can be harder when they work remotely. 

Research consistently shows that those most in need of mental health support find it most difficult to access it. There are many barriers to care – practicalities such as time, location, juggling responsibilities – but stigma remains one of the biggest obstacles and most resistant to change.

Although we have made positive progress in talking more openly about mental health, the issue of self-stigma remains …

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