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Preparing for ISO 22330

Preparing for ISO 22330

This month sees us featured in a specialist blog by Sentinel that covers the topics that anyone involved in their organisation’s emergency planning – such as HR, security and IT professionals – needs to know about. they discuss issues including:

  • Cyber attacks: prevention and resilience
  • Emergency planning
  • Communications
  • Technology that can help with crisis management
  • Social media
  • Security best practice
  • Reputation management after a crisis

With the forthcoming ISO 22330, “Managing the people aspects of business continuity”, more and more organisations are waking up to the fact that “No organisation can function without its people. During and after a crisis, it is the resilience of the people that make up an organisation’s community that get it back on its feet and working again. However, a people-centric approach to business continuity is still a relatively new concept. Traditionally, business continuity focused on facilities management: ensuring the safety of premises and equipment in case of fire, theft etc. It wasn’t until the IRA bombings at Canary Wharf that the idea of a duty to protect staff entered the forefront of business continuity, and not until the bird flu scare in 2006 that some experts feared would impact on a quarter of the workforce that businesses understood the importance of a people-focused approach …”

Read the full article at https://sentinelcrisismanagement.blog/2018/03/08/why-people-should-be-at-the-heart-of-business-continuity-planning/

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