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Support following sexual violence

Support following sexual violence

Anglo-Irish collaboration to reach survivors of sexual violence

On July 16th, Dublin Rape Crisis Service formally announced their collaboration with KRTS International to develop KRTS Power to Recover® into what we believe is a world first support programme for survivors of sexual violence.

KRTS Power to Recover® is an innovative, and now well established, service that supports people after crisis and trauma who didn’t want to access traditional talking therapies.

KRTS Directors Dr Liz Royle and Counseling Psychologist Cath Kerr had become frustrated after many years witnessing the same issues and barriers to care experienced by people who had been through trauma. These included

  • The stigma around therapy preventing people from accessing support until a time of crisis or when symptoms had become overwhelming
  • A lack of qualified trauma therapists
  • Barriers to traditional treatment such as geography, time constraints and other responsibilities such as childcare leaving people unable to access services
  • The perception that traditional therapies are for “other people” and a desire to be in control of their own recovery
  • A lack of consistent provision of clinically effective psychological education when people did access therapy.

KRTS and DRCC were introduced by the Department for International Trade following a government supported trade mission to Ireland in 2017.

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre was established in 1979 and is a national organisation offering a wide range of services to women and men who are affected by rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment or childhood sexual abuse. The services include a National 24-Hour Helpline, one to one counselling, court accompaniment, outreach services, training, awareness raising and lobbying.

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre bring their substantial expertise to adapt the KRTS Power to Recover® programme for survivors of sexual violence. It was recognised that they faced the same potential barriers to care and that any trauma that resulted in feelings of shame, social isolation and self-blame as is common with sexual violence) would likely exacerbate barriers to care.

The new programme itself – Moving Forwards after Sexual Violence – is in the final stages of development and the first pilot users will start in October 2019. We hope that it will reach many people who would not otherwise be able to or willing to access trauma support.

The media, including TV channel RTE, covered the event extensively and the programme made the front page of the Irish Times https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/online-support-service-for-sexual-violence-victims-a-world-first-1.3957569

Dublin FM’s Good Morning Dublin show did a great interview too that you can catch up with at https://soundcloud.com/dcfm-1032/drliz-roylel-dublin-rape-crisis-centre

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