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Pre-Incident Training


In response to COVID-19, we are now offering some of our most popular courses online. As always, our mission is to help organisations manage the emotional impact of crisis and trauma.


Human resilience is an important aspect of the operational functioning of a business.

Where employees are at higher risk of encountering trauma, there is a lot that an employer can do beforehand to minimise the impact and help both them and the business recover effectively.

KRTS Power to Recover® pre-incident training can form part of the employer’s comprehensive approach to managing workplace trauma. As specialists in psychological trauma, KRTS Power to Recover® trainers have helped personnel across many high-risk sectors by training them on:

Developing strategies to build resilience in themselves and others

How to support employees in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident

How to recognise mental distress and what to do about it

What to do and most importantly, what NOT to do to facilitate full and fast recovery from trauma-related sickness absence

How to create an in-house crisis response team

Proactive training empowers both individuals and managers for when the worst happens.

It can build resilience as employees share responsibility for their mental well-being and recovery. By understanding common signs of mental distress such as increased anxiety they are empowered to behave pro-actively, leading to increased resilience and a faster recovery when traumatic events occur.

It can foster recovery as trained managers play a crucial part in the recovery of their staff, offering psychological first aid and appropriate referral to professional services.

A proactive response will also:

Empower trained managers to take action and behave confidently in a time of crisis

Help target effective mental health resources where they are most needed rather than offering “a one size fits all” counselling solution to everyone

More quickly restore the organisation’s operational services

Boost morale and gain recognition in the marketplace as a responsible and caring employer


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Our most popular training courses can be found in the course-information leaflet or contact us for dates and locations of our Critical Incident Stress Management courses – teaching defusing, critical incident stress debriefing and other group crisis interventions

Case studies


Building an in-house crisis response team in the National Health Service

As an NHS Acute Hospital Trust, we had a specific need to support the wellbeing of our staff after traumatic events.



The challenge was to train members for a national team that would be responding to a variety of traumatic events.


Strategic Trauma Consultancy

We were recommended to KRTS International as we wanted to look at formalising our policies and procedures to enable us to...

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