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Trauma resilience


In response to COVID-19, we are now offering some of our most popular courses online. As always, our mission is to help organisations manage the emotional impact of crisis and trauma.


Building a culture of trauma resilience and recovery: Anyone can deliver facts – our expertise helps us change attitudes.

The impact of trauma has many costs – to individuals, families and teams, their employer and our wider society.


At work, colleagues often report that they feel like they could make things worse. Managers can feel helpless to support their teams because they do not know what to do.


This may mean that nobody does anything.


Without real understanding people can even lack empathy. This can lead to attitudes such as


“people should build a bridge and get over it”

“they’re not up to the job”

“I don’t understand why this affected them”


We set out to deliver context-based training that helped organisations to properly understand the impact of crisis and trauma. And importantly, what they can do about it.

We understand that organisations want to know:

How to develop strategies to build resilience in themselves and others

How to support employees in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident

How to recognise mental distress and what to do about it

What to do and most importantly, what NOT to do to facilitate full and fast recovery from trauma-related sickness absence

How to dovetail training solutions into their overall processes to avoid taking a fragmented approach to resilience

How to create an in-house peer support or crisis response team

To create resilient workplaces, line managers need the skills and confidence to recognise the range of crisis reactions, offer informal social support and signpost employees to additional support when necessary.

In fact, 69% of UK line managers say that supporting employee wellbeing is a core skill, but only 13% have received training in this.


“I wish I had learnt this years ago, I could have dealt with this so differently!”


In a time of crisis …


Managers are empowered to be proactive and behave confidently

Effective mental health resources are targeted where they are most needed rather than offering “a one size fits all” counselling solution to everyone

The organisation’s operational services are restored more quickly

Morale is boosted

The organisation is seen as a responsible and caring employer


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Our courses can be delivered as


OnDemand: modular, digital learning at a time and pace to suit individual learners.


Blended: adding live, expert, virtual sessions to bring a bespoke, interactive group dynamic to your OnDemand course.


Face to face: traditional training delivered in-house to your organisation.

Case studies


Building an in-house crisis response team in the National Health Service

As an NHS Acute Hospital Trust, we had a specific need to support the wellbeing of our staff after traumatic events.



The challenge was to train members for a national team that would be responding to a variety of traumatic events.


Strategic Trauma Consultancy

We were recommended to KRTS International as we wanted to look at formalising our policies and procedures to enable us to...