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Book review: Building Resilient Futures by Robert Hall

Book review: Building Resilient Futures by Robert Hall

Resilience seems to be becoming the latest buzz word for organisations. “Experts” are emerging with a good sales talk and sticking plaster solutions, yet few people actually understand the complexity and diversity of this subject.

Too often, it results in a “lip-service” approach that lays the responsibility for being resilient solely with the individual who is deemed “not strong enough” to emerge unscathed from a crisis.

Crises come in many shapes and sizes – affecting a nation, community, organisation, family and individuals. The response needs to be multi-faceted and holistic.

In this thought-provoking book, Robert Hall combines perspectives on personal, emotional, organisational, urban, community and national resilience. This broad coverage certainly doesn’t mean the content is superficial though. The book itself is clearly laid out with key lessons in each chapter. It comprises of case studies, historical lessons, anecdotes and theoretical models to produce a well-researched and fascinating resource. Importantly, it includes information on benchmarking and standards – crucial if we are going to give the subject the seriousness it merits.

Robert Hall is clearly passionate in the message underpinning the varied chapters – as the world faces more upheaval and uncertainty, we need to respond proactively with a shared responsibility for building better communities and a safer world.

Robert Hall has taken a complex, diverse topic and drawn on his own hugely impressive experience to create essential reading.

Building Resilient Futures

Author: Robert Hall

ISBN: 978-103581-262-2

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